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The Trade House is a department of Teplocom Holding, which has been operating for over 20 years at Russian energy and energy saving markets.

Trade House sells products of the Holding and its partners:

  • equipment for energy resources accounting as well as automation of heat production, distribution and consumption processes;
  • automated modular domestic heating plants;
  • components packages for flow meter calibration devices.

The equipment has all required approvals and certificates. Quality and reliability of devices developed for operation in Russian heat supply systems is proven by over 200,000 hours of error-free running period. Extended warranty period and calibration interval contributes to convenience of use of the equipment.

Extensive certified dealer and service networks ensure high quality and promptness of customer service in all regions of the country. Over 350,000 heat energy and gas metering units has been installed based on equipment manufactured by Holding over the whole period of Holding operation.

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