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Key energy saving principles based on modular individual heating plants

The essential factor of stable and economically efficient operation of heat consumption systems of any building is automation (reconstruction) of existing individual heating plants or installation of automated modular individual heating plants (MIHP) for new construction. Automated MIHP are not just exercising control over heat medium parameters, but regulated these parameters automatically, optimizing heat consumption of serviced building and creating comfortable indoor environment.

Use of MIHP by Teplocom Company contributes to solving the most important task in the field of heat consumption - raising its quality, which lies in providing comfortable conditions in buildings, temperatures required under sanitary regulations and hot water consumption under minimum energy consumption. Individual approach for MIHP design and installation allow taking into account all wishes of the client.

Supply of MIHP to construction (reconstruction) objects in the form of ready modules simplifies assembly works in underground and hardly accessible areas. MIHP are executed under standard technological schemes and represent individual functional parts mounted on frame in a single assembly, generally, complete with instruments and devices for energy resources control and accounting, automatic regulation and control.

Tasks solved by MIHP

  • Automatic and manual control modes of heating plant;
  • Commercial accounting of heat energy and heat medium with data archivation;
  • Automatic control and regulation of heat medium consumption in supply pipeline;
  • Automatic maintenance of temperature schedule of water supplied to heating system in accordance with ambient air temperature, time of the day and working schedule as well as limitation of temperature of water returned to the heat distribution network;
  • Automatic maintenance of specified temperature of hot water supply within sanitary standards;
  • Automatic raising pressure of heat medium to required value in case of insufficient pressure at inlet;
  • Automatic and manual circulation pump control and dry-run protection;
  • Automatic infeed of heating and ventilation systems in independent interconnection scheme;
  • Individual regulation algorithms for office and residential buildings;
  • Possibility of remote control and regulation of heating plant operation modes via modem;
  • Alarm in case of contingency situations.

MIHP features

  • High workmanship of MIHP equipment, manufactured in factory conditions;
  • Prompt manufacturing of MIHP of required size with account of specific features of the area intended for location thereof;
  • No significant on-site installation and setup works - the ready-for-operation module is installed in heating plant area and connected to buiding piping and power network;
  • MIHP plant allows performing upgrade of the heating system over the short period of time.

Monitoring and consequent analysis of work of automated MIHP manufactured by Teplocom Holding in open independent system demonstrated impressive results:

  • Indoor air temperature in heated areas of the building raised to 20-22°C;
  • Water temperature in hot water supply system normalized and amounted to 60°C, resulting to reduction of hot water consumption from 149 to 128 l/person per day, i.e. by 14%;
  • Average heat energy saving over the heating season was 27%, reaching 45-55% during spring and autumn seasons;
  • Maximum heat load was reduced by 8.5%;
  • Circulation consumption of system water was reduced by 28%;
  • Energy savings on heating medium pumping were 15%;
  • Infeed volume at energy source dropped by 39%;
  • Temperature of the heating medium in the return pipeline lowered by 6-8°C;
  • Useful temperature difference increased from  20-25°C to 40-60°C;
  • Thermohydraulic operation modes of the whole heat supply system improved.

This data was obtained in the course of monitoring of several MIHP operating in Saint Petersburg; similar parameters are available for other regions of Russia.

Over 150 regional representative offices and service centers are engaged in sales of products manufactured by Teplocom. Herewith, Teplocom is the partner of city and municipal authorities as related to projects of installation of Automated Systems for Commercial Accounting of Energy Resources (ASCAER), implementation of Automated Heat Production, Distribution and Consumption Systems (AHPDCS) etc. Thus, equipment of Teplocom Holding is not just successfully operating in large cities, but thanks to well coordinated work of Company's partners it is efficiently used in all regions of Russia.